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Relle - New Non Woven Carpet tiles
May 31, 2022

Relle is committed to developing building materials that are environmentally friendly and easy to install. Based on this principle, Relle have developed a series of office carpet tiles, which are mainly composed of polypropylene and non-woven fabrics in square shape. Compared with traditional asphalt-based or PVC-based carpets, Relle carpets are more environmentally friendly, more comfortable on the feet, and longer uselife.


Relle carpets are produced by machine tufting with variable styles, which can support various customization needs. The tufting height of 7mm-10mm can absorb noise well and play a certain role in maintaining indoor temperature.


Relle carpets use polypropylene as the main material, which not only feels comfortable on the feet, but also has no other volatile gases, which is environmentally friendly and protects human health.

Once popularized and popular, Relle carpets have been exported to various countries, mainly used in offices, banquet halls, anti-static computer rooms, libraries, conference halls and other places.


Product link: https://www.relleflooring.com/carpet_c49 

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