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New Products
  • Relle booth on the133rd Spring Canton Fair in Guangzhou
    Feb 01, 2023

    Welcome to visit Relle booth on the 133rd Spring Canton Fair in Guangzhou from April 15-19th ,2023! If you have schedule ,just please feel free to let us know earlier!

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  • Relle hospital flooring and wall panel project in Mexico
    Dec 05, 2022

    In 2021, Relle had provided PVC flooring and PVC wallboard building materials and installation technical guidance to the Mexico NewCity Medical Plaza project. In 2022, the hospital is ready to open for patients. Let's take a look at the excellent performance of Relle flooring and wallboard in this project.

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  • Relle new PVC homogeneous flooring GARZINONG series
    Sep 27, 2022

    This flooring series’ standard size is 2m*20m, thickness is 2.0mm. GARZINONG series flooring design is simple and elegant. It has 16 colors. The base colors are lighter blue, lighter green, lighter gray, lighter yellow, lighter red, lighter brown, lighter brown, lighter black. Adds white splotches and some splotches that are a little darker than the base color. This design makes the floor look very simple and soft, which is very suitable for use in hospitals, airports and other occasions. This floor is not only beautiful in color, but also excellent in various performances. The fire rating is B1, which can effectively flame retardant. The abrasion group is P, but we can improve it to T grade. So this flooring can be using more 10 years. The surface is PUR coating, which can resist dust and easy for maintain. Web: https://www.relleflooring.com/homogeneous-floor-pvc-garzinong-series_p14.html

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  • Relle - New Non Woven Carpet tiles
    May 31, 2022

    Relle is committed to developing building materials that are environmentally friendly and easy to install. Based on this principle, Relle have developed a series of office carpet tiles, which are mainly composed of polypropylene and non-woven fabrics in square shape. Compared with traditional asphalt-based or PVC-based carpets, Relle carpets are more environmentally friendly, more comfortable on the feet, and longer uselife.   Relle carpets are produced by machine tufting with variable styles, which can support various customization needs. The tufting height of 7mm-10mm can absorb noise well and play a certain role in maintaining indoor temperature.   Relle carpets use polypropylene as the main material, which not only feels comfortable on the feet, but also has no other volatile gases, which is environmentally friendly and protects human health. Once popularized and popular, Relle carpets have been exported to various countries, mainly used in offices, banquet halls, anti-static computer rooms, libraries, conference halls and other places.   Product link: https://www.relleflooring.com/carpet_c49 

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  • New wall decoration trend-Relle pvc wall panel
    Mar 15, 2022

    What is pvc wall panel? PVC wall panels is a new type of wall decoration material made of PVC material as raw material through the surface film process. At present, pvc wall panels is gradually replacing the traditional wall building materials like wallpaper. The surface of the wall panels can be shaped in a variety of ways. The most common methods are decoration processes such as film and 3D printing. The pvc wall panel can be divided into V-seam and straight seam in terms of texture.   The back of the wall panel is designed with a flat plate and an anti-skid groove.   Advantages of PVC Wall Panels 1. The production process of pvc wall panel has the same machinability as logs, it can be nailed, sawn, easy to cut, and can be drilled. Just use nails or bolts to fix the wall panels, the surface texture is very smooth, no need to spray paint. In addition, compared with logs, wallboard has more physical advantages, good stability, and is not easy to crack, warp, twill, etc. 2. Due to its own characteristics, pvc wall panel is very easy to withstand water and has good fire resistance. At the same time, pvc wall panel is environmentally friendly and resistant to corrosion. There is no need to carry out too much maintenance in the daily use. 3. The appearance and texture of pvc wall panels are very similar to those of solid wood, but PVC wall panel have higher hardness and longer use time. In addition, the weight of the wall panel is light, which is convenient for construction personnel to transport and install. It also has a certain degree of wear resistance, making the wall panel suitable for many space walls. 4. The pvc wall panel has many patterns and rich colors, consumers have more choices. The installation of wall panels is very convenient. After the overall wall decoration, the decoration taste can be improved instantly. Its is widely used in indoor walls, such as entertainment venues, conference centers, etc. 5. Flame retardant materials are added in the production of pvc wall panel, so that the product has excellent fire performance, and it will be extinguished in case of fire, which improves the safety. At the same time, it is very convenient to take care of and clean, just use a rag to wipe off the stains, which makes consumers more worry-free. The wall panels link: https://www.relleflooring.com/pvc-wall-panel_c44 

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  • Relle new product express-Rubber flooring
    Mar 08, 2022

    Relle's new rubber floor is suitable for high-load environments, with peaceful harmonious tones and a grainy pattern design. It is suitable for high-traffic places such as airports, high-speed railways, ships, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and high-speed railway stations. The main features of this new product include: Good footstep sound absorption performance (6~8dB) R9 - Anti-skid performance Free of PVC, phthalate plasticizers and halogens Lower VOC emissions, better indoor air quality High flame retardant properties for improved safety High wear resistance scratch resistant Comfortable feet Rich colors Fashion and beautiful Seamless installation No coating required This new rubber floor is environmentally friendly, protects human health and improves indoor air quality. And this floor is recyclable, and the ingredients are absolutely in compliance with REACH regulations. The main size of this product is 2m*20m*2.0mm, you can click the following link to choose the color: https://www.relleflooring.com/rubber-floor-kalin_p88.html   https://www.relleflooring.com/rubber-floor-kaen_p87.html

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  • Relle--The Professional PVC Floor Manufacturer | Relleflooring.com
    Feb 10, 2022

    Relle is a professional plastic PVC floor manufacturer, the main products are PVC homogeneous floor, heterogeneous floor, linoleum floor, LVT floor, SPC floor and so on. Relle Flooring insists on best quality and provides customers with a first-class purchasing experience.   In 2021, Relle has won the trust of many customers and exported a large number of floors to various countries, mainly the Middle East, America, Africa, etc. Relle's floors have been well received by customers. Many customers want to be our distribution partners. At present, we have distribution points in some countries in Africa, Asia and South America. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us for local distribution locations or become our distribution partners! Email : ritazhou@relleflooring.com

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  • Relle pvc integrated wall panel
    Jan 14, 2022

    The integrated wall is an integrated whole-house decoration solution proposed to address the disadvantages of home improvement pollution and cumbersome processes. At present, the most common is pvc bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard, which is mainly used for home improvement tooling and is currently a relatively environmentally friendly decoration material. Advantages of pvc bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall panels   1. easy to install Integrated wall panels are one of the most convenient materials for offline installation. The production process of traditional wall paint and putty powder is more complicated, and the integrated wall panel can be directly installed, saving trouble and effort.   2. easy to clean The surface layer of traditional wall decoration coatings and materials has poor dirt resistance, it is more laborious to clean, and some stubborn stains cannot be cleaned. The surface layer of the overall wallboard is treated by a high-temperature lamination process, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, and the surface layer has an ultra-high stain resistance, so even stubborn stains can be easily wiped.   3. Sound insulation According to the sound insulation test of integrated wall panels by relevant well-known enterprises, the sound insulation effect of integrated wall panels is several times that of ordinary walls, which can reduce the noise of 29db, and has super sound insulation function, so the indoor will not hear the outdoor noise. Noise, there will be no sewer sound, you can ensure that users have a high-quality sleep.   4. Environmental protection The raw materials of the integrated wall panels are green and environmentally friendly substrates, and there will be no odor left in the renovated room, which can meet the conditions of immediate installation and immediate entry.   Disadvantages of pvc bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall panels 1. inconvenient traffic Integrated wall panels are produced and installed throughout, so they are usually bulky and difficult to transport and handle, and you need to be very careful, otherwise it's easy to bend the panels. 2. Easy to scratch Now the surface of integrated wall panels is mostly made of metal materials. If you encounter a sharp object, it is easy to scratch, and the marks are obvious. Therefore, it is usually necessary to prevent the overall wall panel from colliding or scratching. three. The price is relatively high At present, the integrated wall panel is a high-end product on the market, which is much higher than our traditional wallpaper and paint cost, mainly for the high-end market, so the integrated wall panel market is mainly concentrated in those big cities.   Product features and advantages: 1. Environmental protection and energy saving, reusable, 100% formaldehyde-free and other harmful components to human body. 2. Anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, fire-proof, anti-moth-eaten. 3. Heat insulation, sound insulation, impact resist...

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  • Relle's LVT self-adhesive floor has been reduced in price.
    Dec 30, 2021

    Due to technological innovation, under the premise of ensuring quality, Relle reduced the price of self-adhesive flooring from $4/sqm to $2.5/sqm. Let Relle flooring come into every family and enjoy high-quality and low-cost flooring services. Relle self-adhesive flooring has a variety of colors, including the most popular wood grain, marble grain, carpet grain and so on. Can be applied to various occasions.   Relle's self-adhesive flooring is easy to install. You only need to tear off the protective film on the back to stick the floor to the ground. The floor is easy to cut, and you can DIY various floor shapes, which is very interesting.

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